Do you have a square lower face and jawline? Or have you noticed that you constantly clench or grind your teeth, or seem to get frequent headaches? If so, you may have an overly active bite muscle (Masseter) causing bruxism. Not only are there cosmetic implications when considering this muscle, but there can also be a real impact to your dental health due to unnecessary strain.

Using Anti Wrinkle injections, you can slim your lower face, and find relief from your constant clenching and teeth grinding, with only a few small injections that takes minutes, all with no downtime. This is a popular cosmetic treatment with Asian patients who desire a slimmer and more delicate jawline, and can also be done in men to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism.

Jawline Slimming Melbourne

Concept Clinics Melbourne understands the important points of a well performed Jawline Slimming procedure. So, if you’re looking for the best Jawline Slimming Melbourne wide, Concept Clinics can help give you a delicate jawline, and help alleviate the pain and discomfort from clenching your jaw.

How Does Jawline Slimming Work?

The anti wrinkle injections temporarily interrupt the communication between nerves and the bite muscle. The result is that the muscle loses strength, and then:

  • Slims over 4-6 weeks
  • Patients experience a reduction in their teeth grinding within 1-2 weeks
  • The slimming effect occurs gradually over a month.

Is Jawline Slimming Safe?

Jawline slimming has an excellent safety profile when done by an excellent cosmetic doctor, with a very rare risk of temporary smile asymmetry that resolves over 6-8 weeks.

Jawline slimming takes only minutes, and there is almost no discomfort, and you can get back to your day immediately.

Why Patients Choose Concept Clinics Melbourne

Concept Clinics strives to develop a strong professional relationship with our patients. We uphold the values of honesty, integrity, and education in all aspects of the treatment we provide. At Concept Clinics, our dedicated team enjoys working with our patients to develop shared treatment plans. We are also passionate about providing guidance and advice on the most effective means with which to achieve their goals.

Concept Clinics has built its clinical practice on the principles of honesty, integrity, quality and personalised service. This is combined with continuous and extensive professional development.

Concept Clinics works solely in Anti Ageing and Cosmetic treatments and is made up of many well-respected peers and colleagues. Simply put, we wants you to feel safe, secure, and happy with your experience, result, and your decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jawline Slimming work?

Jawline slimming works by using Anti Wrinkle injections to treat the main bite muscle of the jaw. This relaxes it, and leads to a loss of muscle bulk, and therefore a slimmer face.

Are Jawline Slimming injections painful?

Jawline Slimming is done with tiny needles, and accordingly there is minimal discomfort.

When will I see results from my Jawline Slimming treatment?

You will begin to feel a reduction in bite strength over 1-2 weeks. The slimming effect will be noticeable over 2—6 weeks.

How long does Jawline Slimming treatment last?

Jawline Slimming injections will last up to 6 months.

Are Jawline Slimming injections safe?

Jawline Slimming injections are very safe, with minimal side effects.

What are the side effects of Jawline Slimming injections?

The side effects include bruising and swelling, which will resolve over a few days. There is an obscure risk of a temporary asymmetry to the smile, which will resolve on its own.

How do I know if Jawline Slimming injections are right for me?

Do you have a strong, square shaped lower face and jawline? Does clenching of your jaw and the headaches that go with it bother you? Or are you grinding your teeth and wearing down your dentition? If so, then Jawline Slimming injections may be ideal for you.

What does Jawline Slimming Treatment involve?

Jawline Slimming uses Anti Wrinkle injections to weaken and shrink the bite muscles. Following a thorough consultation and assessment, we will advise on the amount of Jawline Slimming treatment required to achieve your goals.

The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes, and there is only mild discomfort. A very small needle is used to inject the product into the bite muscles, and some people report a slight stinging sensation as the product is being injected. There tends to be no discomfort or pain after the injection.

The results for teeth grinding will be apparent within 2 weeks. The jaw slimming appearance takes between 2 and 8 weeks. We don’t routinely follow up our Jaw Slimming patients, however there is the option of an 8 week review appointment to assess the outcome of the treatment, and adjust the dose as necessary.

Is Jawline Slimming Treatment safe?

Yes. Jawline Slimming treatment is safe. As with any medical procedure, there are still risks and side effects. We will discuss these in depth with you during your consultation. Side effects are uncommon, but include:

  • Bruising.
  • Itching.

Rare risks include:

  • Smile asymmetry.
  • Minor weakness when chewing.

The side effects of Jawline Slimming are self-limiting, and will resolve on their own. This treatment is strictly not performed in people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, having IVF treatment, or planning any of the aforementioned; or in those with underlying neuromuscular conditions including Myaesthenia Gravis and Eaton Lambert syndrome.

How long does Jawline Slimming Treatment last?

Following the initial treatment, a repeat dose may be required after 4-8 weeks depending on the initial result. This is because each patient has different sized bote muscles, with different strength. Results last 6-12 months, with subsequent treatments having a better effect.

What should I do before my Jawline Slimming Treatment?

There are a few steps to take before your Jawline Slimming treatment to ensure the best outcome, and the lowest risk of side effects. They include:

  • Ceasing all anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbal supplements, fish oil, krill oil, glucosamine and vitamin E 1 week before your treatment (Unless you have been advised to take these by a Medical Practitioner).
  • Avoiding alcohol for 2 days before your treatment.

If you do not adhere to the above your treatment may still proceed, but you will have a higher risk of side effects.

What will happen and what should I do after my Jawline Slimming Treatment?

Following your treatment you will be provided with full aftercare instructions. You will be able to resume most normal activity immediately. The most important instructions are the following:

  • Apply an ice pack gently for any discomfort.
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours.
  • Do not touch the treated area for 6 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.