Treat yourself to the very best cosmetic injectable treatments available on the market.


The cost of your bespoke treatment plan takes into account a number of considerations:

  • Your concerns.
  • The complexity of the treatment.
  • The areas treated.
  • The combination of different treatment types used.
  • The amount of product and equipment required.

Getting the best results

Achieving great results is possible for everyone. A comprehensive consultation can help to strategise on the best way to achieve results that you are proud of. Great results take patience and are best achieved across multiple sessions. Before your appointment, consider the following that will help the team at Concept Clinics guide you:

  • What ares concern you?
  • What is your budget to address your concerns?
  • What is your tolerance for downtime?
  • How much of a result would you like to achieve?



Online bookings are payable by card. If there are any difficulties, please send a message using the contact form located here and payment can be arranged over the phone to secure your booking.

Treatment costs must be paid in full on the day of your treatment. Card facilities are available, and cash is accepted.

Prepayment may be required for extensive treatments.

Discounts & Refunds

– Please review the ‘Policies‘ page for information regarding discounts and refunds.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Jawline Slimming
From $600 depending on severity
Gummy Smile/Lip Flip/Brow Lift/DAO/Pebbled Chin
Excessive Sweating TreatmentFrom $850
Calf SlimmingFrom $1450

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers (Face)
From $600/ml
Dermal Fillers (Face package)$1650/3mls
Dermal Fillers (Face package)$2100/4mls
Dermal Fillers (Face package)$2500/5mls
Lip Filler (Plump)
Lip Filler (Hydrate)
Nose Filler
From $990
Nose Filler - Top-up (within 12 weeks of routine treatment)From $390
Collagen Stimulating Filler
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement
From $4900 (See 'Men' prices)
Non Surgical BBLFrom $4000

Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving (Double Chin)
Fat Dissolving (Body)

Thread Lifting

Thread Lift (Silhouette Soft)
$750/thread (minimum 2)
Thread Lift (MINT)
$350/thread (minimum 6)
Fox Eye Lift
Concept Eye Lift (Thread, filler, toxin)

Men Treatments

Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - S (7 syringes)$4500
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - M (10 syringes)$5750
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - L (15 syringes - Most Common)$7500
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - XL (20 syringes)$9000
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - Glans (3 syringes)$2700
Non Surgical Penis Enlargement - Maintenance (6 months min. after primary treatment)From $2600