If you’re someone who has dark circles, hollow under eyes, or eye bags, no matter how well rested you are, then under eye treatments with Concept Clinics may be your answer.

With a premium range of treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate the under eye area, you can get back your confidence, and get back to the important things in life with some simple, low risk, and safe procedures, done by an expert Cosmetic Doctor.

Under Eye Fillers Melbourne

Experience the best under eye fillers in Melbourne. When meeting someone, the first place we look is their eyes. First impressions count, and you only get one, so giving off a fresh and friendly vibe can define how your relationship with someone will progress.

The last thing you need is people thinking, and commenting that you look tired and worn out! Often, things only get worse with age, so the earlier you can put a stop to your under eye concerns, the better.

Changes in the very thin skin of the under eye, the small amount of supportive fat, and naturally occurring changes to the bone around the eye are the reasons why it is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

Premium Range of Under Eye Treatments Melbourne

The eyes are a very delicate area, and are unforgiving if the wrong treatment is performed. It is important that your Cosmetic Doctor is experienced, and knowledgeable. Fortunately, Concept Clinics have extensive experience in Anatomy, and in under eye rejuvenation.

These specifically designed treatments can effectively target:

  • Dark circles.
  • Under eye hollowing.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Under eye bags.

Depending on your specific situation, the treatment options can include:

  • Under eye fillers (Also known as tear trough fillers).
  • Anti wrinkle injections.
  • Skin needling with Dermapan 4.

Treatment Areas

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can be evident from our twenties, with sun exposure and other factors accelerating their appearance and progression. They make us look older than we are. They are best treated early, using a combination of Skin Peels, and Skin Needling devices to improve the quality and strength of the skin that is being lost with age. Anti Wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers may also be beneficial in softening and preventing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Hollowness and Bags

Dermal Fillers can help soften and disguise under eye hollows and bags by adding volume where it is deficient. The fillers provide structural support, and add hydration to the area, leaving you with smooth, healthy skin around your eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be cause by different things. Often thin skin, blood vessels, and hollowness contribute. Depending on the cause, treatment with Dermal Fillers, Skin Needling with Dermapen 4 or other modalities may be ideal for you. Often a combination works best. Concept Clinics are experienced in the application and use of the best treatments for dark circles under your eyes.

Are Under Eye Dermal Fillers in Melbourne the Treatment You’ve Been Waiting For?

Concept Clinics are a leading provider of Under Eye Fillers Melbourne wide. We have changed countless lives through our unique approach to under eye treatment.

Often a combination is best for almost everyone, as it not only provides an immediate improvement, but it also slows down the progression of further age related changes.

Injections of dermal filler under eyes with tiny needles can provide an immediate lifting effect, reducing hollow under eyes, anti wrinkle injections can soften fine lines and wrinkles, and skin tightening can restore youthful elasticity to the skin by building collagen naturally, meaning better skin quality, texture, tone and tightness, and less dark circles and bags.

Melbourne’s Experts in Under Eye Dermal Filler and Total Eye Rejuvenation

If your tired of looking tired and your eyes are bothering you, we can help you to naturally improve your eyes, and ensure they complement your natural appearance.

As experts in all things Non Surgical Cosmetic Medicine, no matter if you’re in need of treatments such as Anti Wrinkle Injections, Thread Lifts, or Dermal Filler to restore lost volume, we can help provide you results that look great, and that last.

Why Patients Choose Concept Clinics Melbourne

Concept Clinics strives to develop a strong professional relationship with our patients. We uphold the values of honesty, integrity, and education in all aspects of the treatment we provide. At Concept Clinics, our dedicated team enjoys working with our patients to develop shared treatment plans. We are also passionate about providing guidance and advice on the most effective means with which to achieve their goals.

Concept Clinics has built its clinical practice on the principles of honesty, integrity, quality and personalised service. This is combined with continuous and extensive professional development.

Concept Clinics works solely in Anti Ageing and Cosmetic treatments and is made up of many well-respected peers and colleagues. Simply put, we want you to feel safe, secure, and happy with your experience, result, and your decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Dermal Fillers help hollow under eyes?

Dermal Fillers add volume to hollow areas under the eye. Very small injections are used to allow for precise placement, with minimal risk. The treatment is designed and performed with the aim of making you look more rested and refreshed.

How much Under Eye Dermal Filler do I need?

This will vary depending on the person, but in general 1ml per treatment is done. Some people may need multiple treatments to achieve a full corrections.

What treatment modality is right for me?

Aside from Dermal Filler, a comprehensive under Eye Treatment may use Anti Wrinkle injections, Skin Peels, or Skin Needling with Dermapen 4.

Can Under Eye or Tear Trough filler cause dark circles?

Under eye fillers can rarely cause a blue tinge to the under eye area. This is easy to correct with small injections, and won’t cause any lasting problems.

Can Under Eye or Tear Trough Filler improve dark circles?

Under eye filler can improve dark circles that are caused by hollowing. However, sometimes people need a combination of treatments, including tear trough fillers, and Skin Needling to improve this concern.

Are Under Eye fillers safe?

Under Eye Dermal Fillers are very safe with minimal downtime.

What are the side effects of Under Eye fillers?

Occasionally, people who undergo Under Eye treatment may experience swelling and bruising that usually settles over a few days.

There are other side effects which are rare. These include:

  • Lumps and swelling: Mainly occur if too much product is used.
  • Migration: If the filler is injected in the wrong area, or if the wrong type is used.

Fortunately, these issues are easily treatable by using a dissolving injection to reduce the amount of filler under the eye.

Is bruising common with Under Eye Fillers?

Bruising occurs in 10-20% of patients who have Under Eye Filler.

How can I minimise swelling after Under Eye Fillers?

Swelling can be minimised by icing the area before and after your treatment, and by avoiding alcohol for 2 days before and after your treatment.

How long does swelling last after Under Eye Fillers?

Most swelling resolves after a few days, however rarely it can persist for a few weeks.

Are Under Eye treatments right for me?

If you feel that you look tired, or have dark or hollow circles under your eyes, then Under Eye treatment may provide a Non Surgical option safely and quickly improve your concerns.