Get head turning curves with a tight, toned and projected behind with a non surgical BBL. This no downtime and no incision treatment option gives a natural butt lift without expensive, high risk and invasive surgery.

Concept Clinics is proud to partner with Dr. Aaron Stanes to offer the non surgical butt lift injections in Melbourne. You can read more about having buttock enhancement injections with Dr. Stanes here.

What is a Non Surgical Butt Lift?

A non surgical butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that shapes and projects targeted areas of the buttocks using injections of collagen stimulating product. Collagen stimulation injections are used to add volume and contour, improving projection and shape. Results improve over time and can last beyond 2 years.

There is an immediate volumisation of the treated area, with results continuing to improve over 3 months as your body makes collagen in response to the treatment.

It is great for those wanting to improve the shape of their buttocks without risky and invasive surgery.

Non surgical Butt Lift vs Surgical Butt Lift

Unlike BBL surgery, the non surgical approach has minimal pain, no downtime and is generally more affordable.

There is no general anaesthetic or sedation used, and liposuction is not required.

BBL surgery is one of the highest risk cosmetic surgeries, which is why many people are turning to the non surgical alternative, which is far safer.

Why Patients Choose Concept Clinics Melbourne

Concept Clinics Melbourne strives to develop a strong professional relationship with our patients. We uphold the values of honesty, integrity, and education in all aspects of the treatment we provide. At Concept Clinics, our dedicated team enjoys working with our patients to develop shared treatment plans. We are also passionate about providing guidance and advice on the most effective means with which to achieve their goals.

Concept Clinics has built its clinical practice on the principles of honesty, integrity, quality and personalised service. This is combined with continuous and extensive professional development.

Concept Clinics works solely in Anti Ageing and Cosmetic treatments and is made up of many well-respected peers and colleagues. Simply put, we want you to feel safe, secure, and happy with your experience, result, and your decisions.

What does the non surgical Butt Lift involve?

The non surgical BBL uses injections of collagen stimulating product to volumise that buttock area, giving more shape, definition and projection.

Numbing is used to ensure comfort, and tiny needles are used during the procedure to minimise swelling and bruising. The treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete, and there is generally no significant downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

For the best results, you should ideally have at least 3 treatments, done every 6 weeks. During the time between your treatments your body will make collagen, improving the results.

Can I exercise after my non surgical BBL?

You should avoid strenuous exercise for 1 week after your non surgical BBL. Low impact exercise such as walking is fine the day after your procedure.

Does the non surgical BBL get good results?

Most people see a 20-25% improvement after one non surgical BBL treatment with the results improving over 6 weeks as your body makes collagen. Repeat treatments can be done every 6 weeks for even better results.

Is there downtime after a non surgical BBL?

In general, there is minimal downtime after a non surgical BBL. You should avoid strenuous exercise for 7 days to ensure swelling settles quickly.

Is a non surgical BBL safe?

There are minimal risks involved when having a non surgical BBL. Occasionally, there is some tenderness and swelling, that are generally mild and resolve after a few days.

How long does a non surgical BBL last?

Results of the non surgical BBL can last up to 2 years.